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These new Factom guides replace all our previous ones. We have covered how to: Get started using Factom Federation (FF) software; Send and receive Factoids (FCT); Convert FCT to Entry Credits (EC); Make entries into Factom; Use the Factom Explorer v2; Use the Factom RPC API v2; Use the Factom Wallet Lib RPC . Sep 7, When using a Secure (encrypted) wallet, be sure to immediately back up your seed. This allows you to regenerate your wallet if you lose the password or the database gets corrupted. I have a decent amount of Factoids on Polo. Want them out, I am not that tech but have wallets with others that are not supported by my ledger.

At present, not many wallet options are available for holding FCT tokens. Factom cryptocurrency is also in the pipeline of Jaxx and Exodus, which are two popular multi-currency wallets. But for the early adopter, enough options are available. Factom Wallets. At present, the following options. Factom Binaries. The latest version of Factom is version , released 17 March, The latest version of Enterprise Wallet is Version , released 16 October, Install guide located here. Enterprise Wallet. CircleCI Coverage Status. Enterprise Wallet - GUI Wallet for M2. This uses the same wallet file as factom-walletd and the same port. This means, enterprise-wallet cannot run alongside factom-walletd. enterprise-wallet will import any and all addresses created in the CLI and will monitor any changes the CLI.

Factom is a cryptocurrency that is identified by the symbol FCT. Disclaimer: This is my first Steem article, not have an introduceyourself, yet. I´m holding and using bitcoin and some popular other altcoins (ether, monero, factom ). I have no ties to the exodus team, except being in their slack channel from time to time and asking about exodus features and roadmap. All screenshots are . Most people advise to use a paper wallet which can be generated from: https:// exchangebfdb - The Exodus wallet will.


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