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Mac os x lion for dell laptop download

Mac os x lion for dell laptop

Yes, you probably could but it would be an up hill task -- dealing with drivers and whatnot. Apple does not want you to do it and it's a legal grey area. If you're in the UK or EU and could install the OS without altering any of its code the law is more likely to be on your side. (I am not aware of any precedents. You can get something like Hackintosh, but I seriously doubt that it would even work with Lion. But as Topher said, it requires Apple hardware to work properly, and if it is installed on anything other than a Mac, it is a breach of the Terms of Use (of Mac OS X). You could play around with it though, but I would. I have enjoyed different versions of Windows (98, , XP) and Linux on my Pentium). But never tested any version of Mac, as not supported by P3. Then i bought Dell Inspiron N, preety decent laptop for the price so this time want to enjoy Mac on my dell laptop.

tonymacxcom: Home of the CustoMac Buyer's Guide, iBoot, MultiBeast, UniBeast, and the world's most helpful #hackintosh #mac #osx support community. Hi,. Am getting few requests & personal messages as how to install Lion on Dell Inspiron So here am starting a thread with instructions for a successful install. Installing Snow Leopard or Lion on Dell Inspiron 1. Firstly make sure u get a bootable Retail Mac OS X Lion DVD and. 6 Feb Hi everyone. 1. I just a new Dell XPS 14 a few weeks ago with 3 year limited warranty. Windows 8 is not compatible with the network at school so I can't use internet for assignments, research, etc. I know that Mac OS X Mountain Lion works on the network, so if I install it on the Dell laptop will that void.

2 Nov If you've read our always up-to-date guide to building a hackintosh you know that installing Mac OS X Lion requires a bit of work. You have install Snow Leopard, then go through a fairly tedious upgrade process rather than just installing from scratch. Fortunately, thanks to a new utility called UniBeast (from. 8 Aug Use lionUSBinstaller stick to boot Dell Inspiron Wait for the menu screen to come up. You should see lionUSBinstaller. Select it and press Enter. Continue with the installation. Use Disk Utility to change the hard drive partition. Create 1 Mac OS Extended (Journaled) partition for OS X. Use GUID.


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