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Virgin media speed very slow download

Virgin media speed very slow

Internet speed is painfully slow. Speed test reports fast upload and download, but all devices in house are having trouble loading simple web pages. Videos buffer for long time. Internet connection drops out frequently. Happens on wired and wireless connections. Very disappointing as has always been. When I tried to cancel, they said the reason my service was slow was because I was on a low speed service, despite being told I should be getting 18mb when I Never will I use virgin again, everyday I was having to phone customer service because the internet wasn't working or going so slowly I was pulling my hair out. Slow speeds are not necessarily always related to network problems. They can be caused by many onsite/premise factors such as the positioning of a router, the condition/specification of your equipment onsite and the WiFi channel a router is using. You can check the speed of your business broadband service in a couple .

In this guide we'll look at common faults which can affect broadband and phone lines, and help you troubleshoot these issues so you don't have to wait in a queue for Or the router could be old and lacking support for faster data transfer speeds, in which case upgrading to a newer model can provide improved speed and. Time is precious! To help you find the information you need as quickly as possible we've pulled together some of our frequently asked questions. Don't see what you need? Search the full site using the search bar above. View all FAQs. Helpful Answers. Here's a selection of answers our customers find most helpful. Setting. 19 Feb At present the existing guidance, which has been in place since , requires that any headline broadband speed being promoted by an ISP must be Likewise we don't know how Virgin selected their testers and whether it includes any homes with faulty or very slow lines, which might otherwise drag.

23 Oct Virgin customers' top complaint was price increases (38 per cent), while 33 per cent of Talk Talk customers and 22 per cent of BT customers suffered "very slow" broadband speeds. One in five broadband customers overall had had problems with speed, but 17 per cent suffered frequent connection dropouts. 6 Jul Watchdog discovered that Virgin Media had been signing up too many customers in certain parts of the country which meant the service was over subscribed. As the need for fast, reliable broadband increases a speed of Mbps is four times faster than Virgin Media's main competitors' top speeds and. Slow broadband can be really frustrating, especially if you're signed up to a broadband package with a good 'up to' speed that simply isn't performing. We've . However, if you can't get access to Virgin Media broadband, don't worry - it's likely you'll still be able to get reliable broadband, with good speeds, from a different.


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