An Itinerant Gallery

L-Experiment is a collective that offers visitors ephemeral exhibitions and events, with a constant turnover of its spaces and its productions.

Promoting Emerging Arts

Our goal is to promote and represent emerging artists whose productions are part of a living art, dynamic, which naturally lends an itinerant gallery, we are positioning ourselves therefore also time curators.

Urban Contemporary Art fits best our project. But also, the renewed use of the techniques of traditional arts and crafts, that seems for us to carry a potential to explore.

Adapt the Place to the Work

Our goal is to reconnect visitors with the emotion of the artwork. Our ambition is to encourage a new wave of creativity and inspiration. This requires the establishment of exhibition spaces that are far from the museum visit, to immerse the visitor in an interaction with the work and the world of the artist during a performance leading to the celebration of art productions.

Multicultural in the Core of Creation Process

The multidisciplinary and multicultural collaborative artistic creation seems one of the best ways to refresh the art scene. For our first exhibition: realization of works of art created in the encounter and collaboration of Armando Mesias, Colombian visual artist and Masahiro Inoue, specialist craftsman of traditional Kyoto framework.

A Place for Artistic Conception

Our artistic and cultural engagement provides support for artists in an incubation space, exhibition and especially creation that allows us to organize meetings and to initiate new and original artistic experiences: Espace MA.