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-shared: Link C, C++ or object files into a shared object (DLL) that can be loaded by the load_foreign_library/1 predicate. If used with -c it sets the proper options to compile a C or C++ file ready for linking into a shared object. -dll: Windows only. Embed SWI-Prolog into a DLL rather than an executable. -c: Compile C or C++. The distribution is normally installed in C:\Program Files\pl on Windows and /usr/ local/lib/swipl- on Unix. On Unix, by default only the library for static linking libswipl.a is installed in the lib/ subdirectory of the installation. On Windows, the import library is in the lib subfolder and is in the bin. To use it with MinGW, set the PATH environment variables to include the SWI- Prolog binary folder as well as the MinGW binary folders (typically C:\MinGW\bin) to find gcc. An extension can be created from the source myext.c using the command below. Add -v to see what commands are executed by

I have never used SWI-Prolog, but looking at the installed files, some of the files installed there seem to be required to run the prolog engine. If you mean you want to embed everything into your dll, it would probably not be possible, the only way would be modifying swi-prolog itself. But that won't be easy. CROSS=imingw32msvc. fi. ;;. esac. fi. MINGWGCC=$CROSS-gcc. export WINDRES=$CROSS-windres. fi. # See whether pthread is built-in. if [ -r "$($ MINGWGCC -print-file-name=libwinpthreaddll)" ]; then. PTHREADS_VERSION = fi. # Java configuration. # Note that Win64 javac and javadoc crash under Wine (). $(PLLIB): $(OBJ) $(LOCALLIB). $(LD) $(LDFLAGS) /dll /out:$(PLDLL) /implib:[email protected] $(OBJ) $(LOCALLIB) $(GMPLIB) $(LIBS) $(DBGLIBS). # We first create to avoid overriding the debug files of. # Maybe using the same name for a dll and exe is a bad idea. # afterall? $(PLCON): $(PLLIB) pl- main.

ReserveFile "${NSISDIR}\Plugins\". ReserveFile "". InstallDir $PROGRAMFILES\pl. InstallDirRegKey HKLM ${REGKEY} "home". ComponentText "This will install the SWI-Prolog on your computer. \. Select which optional components you want installed." DirText "This program will install SWI- Prolog. 7 May We describe the procedure for using a foreign resource (DLL in Windows and shared object in Unix) called mylib. First, one must assemble the resource and make it compatible to SWI-Prolog. The details for this vary between platforms. The swipl- ld(1) utility can be used to deal with this in a portable. If the specified module cannot be found, it tries the module , containing the Prolog runtime kernel. In all these cases, the resulting file is used for two purposes: See whether a Prolog saved state is appended to the file. If this is the case, this state will be loaded instead of the default file from the SWI- Prolog.


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